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Finding The Best Learn Guitar DVDs

JoshuaHey everyone!  Joshua here, with Learn2PlayGuitars (that’s me on the left with my guitar).  When I first began to get interested in guitar learning, I just wasn’t that serious about it.  I spent a lot of time on the internet looking for tablature for various songs that I wanted to play but didn’t really bother learning the theory or concepts behind any of it.  This meant I was only limited to a few songs that I had spent a lot of time practicing and still wasn’t that great at playing.

I eventually ended up getting an instructor and spending a ton of money to learn.  My instructor was not a professional guitar player and was not very invested in helping me to succeed in mastering the guitar.  In the end I can say I did become a better guitar player but by far could have used a more methodical approach to my learning.

Since then I have tried just about every learning tool there is to try to pick up some more skills and not all are created equally.  For me, a simple music book is not enough to teach me because I am more of a visual learner but I did find that utilizing DVDs to learn guitar ended up being a great way to MASSIVELY improve my skills.

I mean think about it, being able to sit on the couch with my guitar and replay a specific part of the lesson from my professional instructor until I get it down right is much more beneficial than a one time in-person lesson.  As soon as I leave class I am very likely to forget half or more of what I learned.  The best way to pick up a new skill is through repetition.  The top DVD course for learning guitar that I have found is Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar with Steve Krenz.

Learn and Master Guitar CourseIt’s endorsed by one of the biggest guitar companies, Gibson, and for a good reason.  The instructor, Steve Krenz, is a professional musician that has played with a lot of famous bands.  The course takes you from beginner all the way to advanced and is set up to take about a year to complete.  The good thing is that it is self-paced and convenient since you don’t have to schedule time with an instructor.  I’m giving you a complete look inside the course and showing you what is included in my full review below.