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How Much Time Does it Take to Learn Guitar?

How Much Time Does it Take to Learn Guitar?

April 29, 2016 @ 11:31 am
by Joshua
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Learning GuitarOne of the things that people often want to know is how long it takes to start playing songs on the guitar.  The truth is, it varies. This is because everyone is different.  Some will take things to the extreme and constantly practice.  Some may already play another instrument and therefore know some things about music and that would definitely help them out.  In the end, for the average person, it really comes down to commitment.

Thinking in general terms, and speaking of the average person with the ability to pick things up at a moderate pace and commit to a good level of practice time, someone might be able to be playing several songs within a few weeks.  In the matter of a month or two, I would expect to see significant progress in finger dexterity and you should be branching off and exploring various styles of music that you enjoy. So my advice to the beginner guitarist is not to stop with the few free lessons you may find on sites such as YouTube and to not give up after only a couple of weeks.  In fact one of the most important things other than commitment is that you find great guitar training.  The best online guitar lessons available will greatly increase the rate at which a student might learn to play the guitar.

Learning anything takes time and playing guitar is a skill based not only in head knowledge but in that connection between your brain and your fingers that are actually handling the instrument. If you are truly serious about playing the guitar then you will need to either find a local instructor that can work one on one with you or opt for purchasing a course/online lesson subscription.  I personally prefer online subscription sites because with an online subscription site you will have the ability to learn at your own pace and on your own time.  Also, it keeps the excitement of learning going since the good sites are constantly adding new lessons that teach various techniques and popular songs.

I still have a  subscription over at Guitar Tricks and Jamplay myself because I love music so much that I never want to stop learning.  Yes, I am beyond the basics, but I still have a long way to go in acquiring every skill there is to be had.  Plus, I am constantly learning new songs from the song lessons these resources offer. Guitar mastery can take a lifetime but don’t worry because in a few months you can be playing at a level that you might have never imagined when you were first getting started.  Hopefully you will begin to realize that not only do you have a lot more to learn, but that the process becomes a lot of fun!

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