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The Best Methods to Learn Guitar

The Best Methods to Learn Guitar

May 10, 2016 @ 10:33 am
by Joshua
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These days, there are a lot of ways to learn guitar.  Before you determine the method or course that works the best for you, you should know your objectives and goals and really take some time to discover your optimum personal learning style.  Then, armed with this information, you can work to find the right course or other resources that are most likely to work for you.  A few of the types of lessons that might be available are listed below.

  • Guitar Lessons Online are a great way to learn if you are more of a visual learner or need more repetition.  There are also usually a lot of other web based tools that are included with this type of lessons.  Two of our favorite and most reliable online guitar training choices are Guitar Tricks and JamPlay (We have tested and compared these best online courses here).
  • Learn Guitar DVD’s For those who prefer to watch their video lessons on the couch in front of the TV you can get a full years worth of lessons or more in a good DVD course. The best of the best in this arena is Gibson’s Learn and Master Guitar. The instructor, Steve Krenz, is top notch and he is active in their online discussions and community as well.
  • Private Guitar Lessons Some of us just have to have the one-on-one lessons and feedback. While this is great for getting started, it can quickly get quite expensive at up to $40US per guitar lesson so one option would be to go get other lessons once you are feeling more confident in your learning ability as a supplemental way to learn.  This way you could eventually cut back your in person training to once a week or less.

Free VS Paid Lessons

As you may have noticed by now, you can get plenty of “free” lessons online. The problem with these is you really just end up wasting a lot of time with lessons that have no sense of direction and you only pick up bits and pieces rather than the whole picture.  If you have ever had the desire to master several music styles or completely learn music theory or even just to learn more than a few songs then you should definitely just go with paid lessons.

I’m not suggesting that you rush out and find an instructor at $40 per lesson but there are several online subscriptions sites like Guitar Tricks or JamPlay where you can learn guitar from your home at a fraction of the cost. Often these sites charge $15-$20US per month or less and have many instructors instead of just one. There are also guitar courses created by professional guitar instructors like Learn and Master Guitar for under $150 (now only $100) that will take you well beyond a years worth of lessons. So there are definitely more affordable ways to learn guitar.

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